Thursday, 8 November 2012

Friends Old and New

Cambridge, UK to Slavonski Brod, Croatia (c.2,000 Km)

Following a couple of days of manic packing (thanks to both of our sets of parents for last minute assistance!) we are now finally on the move!  We set out in the wee hours from Anna’s parents’ in Cambridge, and have spent the last 5 days crossing an incredibly wet Europe. There is limited excitement to report, since we’re putting our foot down (well, as much as you can in a car weighing nearly 3 tonnes!), to give us more time in Africa.

However, we have managed to spice up the beginning of our trip, by detours to see friends living on the continent. We had a great night out in Paris with Jess and her ‘married friends’, followed by a lovely dinner with Alex and Steffi near Munich, where we met their very new son Raphael.

Since then it has been hard yards, briefly interrupted by the stunning scenery of the Austrian Alps, northern Slovenia and Lake Bled; a wander through the quirky back streets of Ljubljana; and our stop for the night tonight at a gorgeous vineyard in eastern Croatia.

The roads have been amazing thus far, and the borders simple, let’s see how things change as we head further into the Balkans over the next couple of days...

PS for those ski nuts out there, I can confirm it has been snowing in the Alps

Anna proves she can drive!

James in the Slovenian mountains

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