Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The big idea...

I've always quite fancied taking on a big expedition. There's something that stirs in my belly every time I read about to exploits of some of the great explorers and adventurers (think Hemmingway, not Grills), and whilst I have neither the bravery nor the means to take on a trip of that magnitude, for a long time I've had the urge to get off the beaten track; quite far off it.

I want to be able to genuinely feel like I've genuinely taken on an adventure, and experienced some of the rawness of countries that you don't usually see as a tourist carted from site to site. Our challenge can be summed up quite simply: Drive London to Cape Town. It's seems to understate the difficulties of travelling 17,000+ miles across several dangerous and unpredictable countries, more so for the fact that we're trying to do so in only 3 months.

So here I am, 2 years after the trip's inception, with only 2 months to go, and seemingly everything still to organise. Before adventure though, there will be admin.

There is a seemingly endless list of visas to arrange, carnets to approve, insurances to take out, training to take, routes to plan, etc, etc (more on the vagaries of trip preparation next time)

That said, we now have the car, the leave is booked, this trip is going to happen - I've even managed to persuade my lovely girlfriend to come with me. I am somewhat excited...

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